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Empower Your Growth

TREMFILS, offering remarkably exceptional services on the recruitment front, an authorized presence along with worldwide network ensures that we triumphantly source the most suitable candidate for the exact job in the right company.
We focus especially on the quantity of

  • The needs of the recruiting company
  • Potentials of the candidate chosen

We strongly believe that a successful long-term relationship clutches clean-cut advantages than a short-time stint and we have the distinction of having superior processes for the purpose of evaluation of the candidates who fit in the frame and suit larger interest of the company as a whole. Today we boast of on impeccable achievement in sourcing ideal candidates for the profiles outlined by the Organisations.

The Way of Success

The superior quality being the propelling power house, we at TREMFILS constantly upgrade on our skills to meet the increasing demand for the right dexterity and skilfulness to match the perquisites specified by the clients.

We have various categories in this concern:

  • Regular and Permanent Staffing
  • Flexi Staffing
  • Probationary Staffing
Here the search is concentrated on procuring top-notch candidates from the rich database. We at Tremfils do multi-screening processes stage by stage till the client organization finds the top-grade candidate of the cream layer.
We provide suitable manpower with no liability anchored thereby matching short-term employment.
In the present dynamic corporate scenario, we offer this innovative services of probationary staffing. On clients initially hire them as temporary staff for a trial period. Subsequently, the client can take decision to absorb him/her into permanent fold on the basis of his/her performance.

Find People Who Work

We have effective strategies in recruitment which give the clients multiple options with extensive span of testing the abilities of the candidates well in advance (prior) absorption in the permanent pool.

On company has built up a great deal of expertise in creating successful websites associated to the recruitment in the following sectors.


The HR Advantage

Being the most integral component of the growth of the company, Our HRM understands the gravity of the vital role in fulfilling your requisites in the recruitment field whatsoever you demand with the best of the in-depth knowledge of recruitment industry.

Our tech-savvy experts have fine-tuned our potentials to be competitive in this highly complex segment By shouldering all recruitment related responsibilities of our clients, we enable them to deal with business related issues with ease and flourish in the dynamic scenario.